A section entitled “A Living Memorial” focuses on the day-to-day activities surrounding the World War II Memorial that make this memorial so vibrant, including Honor Flight’s WWII Veterans.
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WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall is a 116 page full-color photographic book on the WWII Memorial with an introduction by Senator Robert Dole and photographs by renowned photographer Stephen R. Brown. The photographs are exclusive never-to-be duplicated images as Brown had access to the site and cranes as the World War II Memorial was built. He also photographed the creation of the 18-foot high 80,000-pound bronze sculptural eagles and related pieces, which adorn the World War II Memorial. The documentation of the “lost wax” process in itself is a unique peak into sculptural history. The book features panoramic scenes of the new face of the Mall; documentary of the creation and installation of the sculpture and marble ornamentation that is part of this new memorial.

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WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall

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